“How is the indwelling Spirit not relational?” – David Crabtree

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Jesus is fully Lord or not Lord at All

Without trying to sound trite, it really IS about Jesus. He is the Lord of Grace. The Holy Spirit is fully in there too as He is called the Spirit of Grace (Heb 10:29). It is also about belief and unbelief in Jesus. He is either fully capable of saving and empowering us in righteousness, or He is not. Leaning to Law to assist with righteousness means we think that Jesus is less than able, which practically means we no longer trust His abilities to comprehensively save or to rule. Sounds very much like unbelief to me!

Grace to you. It really is Good News.

The Good News is still good news! It really is true that all who believe in Jesus have eternal life. Jesus didn’t add any qualifiers. Whoever believes will receive everlasting life and have passed from condemnation into freedom. The Grace of Jesus really offends religious controllers because He offers Eternal Life on the basis of His own ability to give it to all who believe. No strings attached. Wonderful news! The Apostle Paul states that we now live in the New Covenant and under a new “administration of grace” (Eph 3), and have the living presence of the Holy Spirit. We are now empowered and governed by the Holy Spirit. Grace, therefore, needs to be redefined in the context of that New Covenant.