“How is the indwelling Spirit not relational?” – David Crabtree


Praying Paul – Paul Prays for the Colossians Part 3

Paul’s love for the Colossians believers begins to overflow with counsel and blessing. He says that he is “contending” for them. That is, he is praying with vigorous and unrelenting intensity. He demonstrates a form of prayer that is both intense intercession and prophetic declaration. It is a powerful form of praying that creates an…

Praying Paul – Paul Prays for the Colossians Part 2

Paul continues his prayer-filled encouragement of the Colossian believers. Read this section through slowly and carefully, looking for ways to make this prayer yours. Our beloved coworker, Epaphras, was there from the beginning to thoroughly teach you the astonishing revelation of the gospel, and he serves you faithfully as Christ’s representative. He’s informed us of the…