“How is the indwelling Spirit not relational?” – David Crabtree

Exploring Grace

Jesus is fully Lord or not Lord at All

Without trying to sound trite, it really IS about Jesus. He is the Lord of Grace. The Holy Spirit is fully in there too as He is called the Spirit of Grace (Heb 10:29). It is also about belief and unbelief in Jesus. He is either fully capable of saving and empowering us in righteousness, or He is not. Leaning to Law to assist with righteousness means we think that Jesus is less than able, which practically means we no longer trust His abilities to comprehensively save or to rule. Sounds very much like unbelief to me!

How can we ‘balance’ Grace?

It has been said, many many times, that a “Grace only” message is dangerous and that Grace needs to balanced with appropriate use of Law and/or Truth. If we say we need to balance Grace with Law, for example, what Law do we balance it with? Do we balance Grace with the Ten Commandments? What part(s) of Law do we omit in our balancing of Grace? Let’s explore…


Grace to you. It really is Good News.

The Good News is still good news! It really is true that all who believe in Jesus have eternal life. Jesus didn’t add any qualifiers. Whoever believes will receive everlasting life and have passed from condemnation into freedom. The Grace of Jesus really offends religious controllers because He offers Eternal Life on the basis of His own ability to give it to all who believe. No strings attached. Wonderful news! The Apostle Paul states that we now live in the New Covenant and under a new “administration of grace” (Eph 3), and have the living presence of the Holy Spirit. We are now empowered and governed by the Holy Spirit. Grace, therefore, needs to be redefined in the context of that New Covenant.


Do we need another Reformation?

It would be wonderful to think that GRACE is revolutionary on its own. It certainly came over that way when first presented in the New Testament. Jesus’ death and resurrection, and the coming of the Holy Spirit paved the way for the introduction of Grace. All believers in Jesus are made righteous without the need for Law. Radical? A Reformation? You bet! Grace ‘got up the noses’ of the religious folk, and still does!


Becoming a Face of Grace

by Dr. Ed Khouri, Excerpts from the first chapter of the book, “Becoming a Face of Grace“. [I recently read the book “Becoming a Face of Grace” by Dr. Ed Khouri and was most impressed. The importance of the development of healthy, mature relationships, in the context of Grace, is eloquently presented. This book is…

Let’s explore Radical Grace

UnfailingGrace.com, or the content of this website came about because of a recognised need to better understand what New Testament, or New Covenant Grace is all about. It is a much disputed subject when it really should be celebrated in its clarity. Grace is really about a good and wonderful God who grants every believer in Jesus pardon and righteousness. Furthermore, this Grace is not anaemic and weak, it is more than just a free ticket to eternal life which than has to worked for to prove the believer worthy. Grace is free and fully empowered to impart righteousness and giftedness to do the works of Jesus. Ultimately, Grace is the very presence of God.