“How is the indwelling Spirit not relational?” – David Crabtree

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Do we need another Reformation?

It would be wonderful to think that GRACE is revolutionary on its own. It certainly came over that way when first presented in the New Testament. Jesus’ death and resurrection, and the coming of the Holy Spirit paved the way for the introduction of Grace. All believers in Jesus are made righteous without the need for Law. Radical? A Reformation? You bet! Grace ‘got up the noses’ of the religious folk, and still does!


A Call for a New Grace-based, Spirit-empowered Reformation

Going for a Grace Reformation? October 31, 2017, marked the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s Reformation. He started a Grace Revolution that we most certainly need to continue. The Apostle Paul, following on from Jesus, and actually taught by Jesus, started the first Grace Reformation by announcing that Jesus has introduced a new “Administration of…

A Time of Governmental Shift

It may sound slightly presumptive to say “another grace revolution”, but the last big revolution about Grace (after Paul) was back in Martin Luther’s day, 500 years ago. “Revolution” does sound like a strong word to use to use in the context of Grace. However, in light of the need of ‘governmental shift’ or a change or even overthrow of the ‘old regime’, it is an appropriate word to use and at least I may have your attention. We do need to push Grace back to the forefront.

If Grace is so Amazing, why is it so Offensive?

Unconditional Grace is so amazing! Well, it’s almost unconditional. We are required to believe in Jesus. After that, that’s it. God’s view of justice and forgiveness is so different to ours. We still want a justice that demands payment, or at least favour that is conditional to commitment. God just accepts us fully once we believe in His Son. That notion is so offensive, that humans have tried to add conditions ever since. Grace needs to be balanced, can’t have too much Grace. Grace by itself cannot be trusted. Why? Let’s explore these notions and perhaps we can begin to re-orient our belief system.


You’ve Got to Love Paul’s Gospel of Grace

Indeed! You’ve got to love Paul the Apostle and is Gospel of Grace. Something happens to a person when they meet Jesus. Paul’s encounter on the Damascus road radically changed him from being a Christ-follower-chasing terrorist to one who followed Christ for the rest of his days. Miraculous! Paul encountered not only a fresh message but the real person of the message. Jesus became Paul’s Lord and the chief source of Paul’s entire message. The Gospel of Grace.