“Grace is an outrageously relational term.”
– Dr. Ed Khouri
“How is the indwelling Spirit not relational?” – David Crabtree

Narelle’s Blogs

Overwhelmed With Kindness

Busy, distracted, preoccupied, with multiple expectations clamoring for your attention? When the pressure is on to achieve, the last thing we feel like doing is laying down that task, that “to do” list. But is there a divine interruption, right now, an encounter intruding into your agenda that will shift the stress and enable you,…

Roots That Run Deep

Roots That Run Deep in a Wintery, Unpredictable Season (Written in the midst of the 2020-2021 Cocvid-19 pandemic) We live in Colorado and the winters here are very different from Sydney, Australia where we lived until early 2018. Whilst walking recently in the middle of a snowy day, looking at the apparent “deadness” of the…

Confident Trust

What if today, not just the future, was to be lived with joyful expectancy, a day lived well?I really believe the Holy Spirit is inviting us to live in His presence, and from that place, to live confidently and full of trust. He is inviting us to respond with intentional steps towards Him and then…