Developing Attachment Love with Dr. Jim Wilder

Written by on May 10, 2020

This Course introduces Dr. Jim Wilder and the concept of Attachment Love.

One of the main principles propounded by Dr. Jim Wilder is that we are shaped and transformed not by what we believe but by who we love. Without “attachment love” there is no transformation. Interesting!

This course is an introduction to both Dr. Jim Wilder, and the essential concept that “hesed” (deep relational) love is foundational to emotional and spiritual maturity. Learning to understand with our right (relational) brain allows us to grow in deep maturity and in healthy connection with each other.

A quick note from Life Model Works.

At Life Model Works we know that you want to be a confident and determined leader who builds a vibrant and healthy church community.

In order to do that, you need tools and resources you can trust to help develop mature followers of Christ to live in biblical community.

The problem is you are dissatisfied with existing tools and programs because they haven’t worked. This makes you feel frustrated over the time and energy it takes to transform lives and build a biblical community.

We believe the Church should be a place where you experience authentic community and sustainable transformation. Which is why since 1970, our founder and chief neurotheologian Dr. Jim Wilder has been linking brain science with the Bible to create simple, practical tools for churches to build authentic community and transform lives.

At Life Model Works’ our blueprint for creating a better community is called the Life Model – a multi-generational model of redemption and maturity from birth to death. The Life Model is based on a biblical worldview, incorporating the latest in brain science and best practices that develop lasting transformation of identity, character, and culture.

The Life Model has three distinctive features, (1) multi-generational community, (2) Immanuel lifestyle, and (3) 19-relational brain skills.

When multiple generations use their combined attention to amplify whatever is good, lively, praiseworthy, and honest, particularly for those who are weak and tired, joy is sustainable.

No matter the age, learning to recognize and interact with God who is with us is essential to experiencing a joyful journey through life. Nothing brings joy like an Immanuel-centered relationship! The Relational brain skills provide a full range of life functions for our minds and relationships. Possessing these skills, our emotional capacity increases, and our relationships thrive!

Our prayer is God would use Life Model Works tools and resources in such a way everyone who encounters the Church is transformed into the image of Christ.


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