“How is the indwelling Spirit not relational?” – David Crabtree

Crucial Points about Grace

Grace is so wonderful it seems too good to be true! As Martin Lloyd-Jones once said, “If you are not being criticized for preaching licentiousness, you are not preaching Grace hard enough!”

A few key points

  1. Grace needs to be presented with “no strings attached”. It’s 100% pure undiluted Grace. If we add anything (eg. Law) to Grace it is no longer Grace.
  2. Grace is better defined as the ’empowering presence of God’. We have the Grace that is in Jesus. He did not have “un-merited favour”.
  3. The constitution of the government of God has changed since Jesus’ resurrection and the coming of the Holy Spirit. We are now under the Administration of Grace (Eph 3) governed by the Holy Spirit.
  4. It is God’s goodness and kindness that leads people to repentance and to Jesus. It is an issue of faith and trust in Jesus only (Rom 2:4).
  5. The Law was a temporary insertion into the governance timeline (added at Sinai and remained in power until Faith/Jesus came). Now that Faith has come we are no longer under the supervision or authority of the Law.
  6. The promises made to Abraham still stand and are still available to people of faith in Jesus. Abraham was credited for his faith before Law came. A child of Abraham is righteous through faith without Law.
  7. God still wants a people of God, and wants a righteous people. That righteousness, imputed and imparted, comes through Grace.
  8. The Empowering Presence of God (Grace through the Holy Spirit) is fully able to bring about righteousness without the need of the Torah/Law.
  9. The New Covenant is a new and fresh authority of God, introduced during and after Jesus. It does not require the authority of Law to back it up.
  10. Religious people (those needing Law) become extremely nervous or even angry about a Grace-only Gospel. Paul’s Gospel is Grace-only, and it is a Gospel that empowers believers to be righteous.


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