“How is the indwelling Spirit not relational?” – David Crabtree

Grace – The Key to Navigating Lasting Relationships (Recommended Free Webinar!)

It’s heartening to find others who are tracking in the same Grace direction as we are. I have just read Dr. Ed Khouri’s new book “Becoming the Face of Grace.” It’s a wonderful read and thoroughly encouraging in regards to Grace and the foundation it is to developing healthy relationships. I am encouraging you to register for this free webinar with Dr. Ed Khouri and Ray Woolridge. – David Crabtree

We were created for life-giving, joy-filled relationships that last. Too often, we have missed the key element that makes relationships stick: its grace!
Grace is profoundly relational, yet, in so many of our relationships we find grace is absent. In part, this is because we have failed to understand grace is more than forgiveness of sins and “unmerited favor”. There is something mor profound we must understand.
Grace is the basis for lasting attachment with God and others!
In this free webinar, Tuesday, Nov., 30th, Ed Khouri will help us discover:
            • Why there so much division today (families, churches, etc.)
            • What makes relationships fall apart
            • How can we repair or rebuild relationships that have fallen away
            • What is the fuller definition of grace
We can have confidence that Ed’s approach is Scripture-first, and is informed by both the latest neuroscience and the ancient practices of the Church.  Come find a blueprint that leads to healthy, life-giving connections with God and those around you.
I hope you will register for this free webinar so you can find the key to navigating lasting relationships!


Ray Woolridge
Executive Director