“How is the indwelling Spirit not relational?” – David Crabtree

Leadership Team

These are the folk who are the leadership team for UnfailingGrace Ministries.

David Crabtree

David has spent more than 35 years in Senior Leadership. He served as Director of Health Education in a private hospital in Sydney. He is the founding senior pastor of DaySpring Church (Sydney) where he led for 27 years. He is currently living in Highlands Ranch (Denver), Colorado, where he is a teacher, preacher, and…

Narelle Crabtree

Along with my husband, David, I have been a senior pastor/leader of DaySpring Church in Sydney, Australia for 27 years, a church we started in our home, and then grew into a significant community of people hungry for more of the Holy Spirit in our lives so we could do the things of Jesus. (www.dayspring.com.au).…