Introduction to UnfailingGrace Ministries

UnfailingGrace Ministries

David & Narelle Crabtree are the founding Senior Leaders of DaySpring Church based in Castle Hill (Sydney), NSW, Australia where they served for more than 27 years. They have now founded UnfailingGrace Ministries which is based in Denver Colorado.

David is a keen landscape and fine art photographer, and a bit of an adventurer who likes to go to out of the way places to ‘catch the view’. Some of David’s photos are featured in this site along with other photos obtained from stock photo sites.

David and Narelle travel to many places in the world serving leaders and churches in the USA, Australia and SE Asia.

Our Ministry Passions

We love…

  1. Preaching & teaching about the Holy Spirit. We have what we call a “high doctrine” of the Holy Spirit.
  2. Leadership mentoring and encouragement.
  3. Equipping believers to minister in the power of the Spirit.
  4. Healing and Prophecy Practice and Training.
  5. Teaching on New Covenant Grace.
  6. Staff training and equipping
  7. We are trained facilitators for Gottman 7 Principles For Making Marriage Work Program.
  8. We are accredited facilitators of the HeartstylesTM Program.

We'd love to minister at your place...

David & Narelle, together or individually travel a great deal and are available for ministry, if you wish, at your church or ministry.

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Featured Articles

These are our current featured posts and articles

Do we need another Reformation?

It would be wonderful to think that GRACE is revolutionary on its own. It certainly came over that way when first presented in the New Testament. Jesus’ death and resurrection, and the coming of the Holy Spirit paved the way for the introduction of Grace. All believers in Jesus are made righteous without the need […]

Why Venture on Turbulent Territory?

Good question! The subject of Grace needs not to be turbulent, but when folks hold on to outdated religious views they will resist anything that challenges those views. The New Testament is full of accounts of that conflict, as is the history of the Christian church. It seems that there is a strong reluctance to let […]

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