“Grace is an outrageously relational term.”
– Dr. Ed Khouri
“How is the indwelling Spirit not relational?” – David Crabtree

My Day Begins and Ends with Gratitude

Graham Cooke is a dear friend and a guest writer for this site. This is an introductory portions one of his latest posts and is a recommended read.

by Graham Cooke

In a word, alignment looks like health. A properly aligned spiritual warrior is rested for a fight. We are willing to be involved with God; we arrive early to the battle and leave late. We have physical commitment and energy to do something. We are willing to perform physical tasks to make it easier for people to engage God.

Warriors are emotionally stable, living within healthy stress levels. We practice being calm and considerate. We are peacemakers, trained to be joyful. Christians in alignment can see other people’s perspectives on issues. This openheartedness puts everyone around us at ease. Whether in good or bad situations, we move through life glorifying God. Alignment brings an emotional connection between the Holy Spirit and a spiritual warrior.

“In a word, alignment looks like health. A properly aligned spiritual warrior is rested for a fight.” – Graham Cooke

For the complete post go to https://brilliantperspectives.com/evidence-of-true-alignment/

David Crabtree
Author: David Crabtree

David has spent more than 30 years in Senior Leadership, and is the founding senior pastor of DaySpring Church (Sydney) where he led for 27 years. He is currently living in Highlands Ranch (Denver), Colorado where he is a teacher, preacher and author. He is married to Narelle (also a senior pastor) and has 2 children with 6 grandchildren. Life's good! David and Narelle are also members of the Bethel Leaders Network (BLN) and have a role as BLN Builders.


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