“How is the indwelling Spirit not relational?” – David Crabtree

Narelle Crabtree

Along with my husband, David, I have been a senior pastor/leader of DaySpring Church in Sydney, Australia for 27 years, a church we started in our home, and then grew into a significant community of people hungry for more of the Holy Spirit in our lives so we could do the things of Jesus. (www.dayspring.com.au).

We have now successfully handed over the leadership to great young leaders and although we still have significant connections and still spend time with DaySpring, we now live in Colorado, USA, where we are involved with churches in the Denver area and do itinerant ministry. 
I also have a role leading and equipping students in the Colorado School of Kingdom Ministry (www.cskm.us)

Importantly, I am a wife, mother of Joelle and Brad, and grandmother to six, fully alive, young, gorgeous grandkids, all of whom live in the USA.

In my life I have experienced freedom from the legalistic confines of “religion” and have discovered the amazing freedom Jesus paid for at the cross, my life is a testimony to His goodness and transforming kindness….and I am forever grateful!

I also received a miraculous healing from Lyme Disease in 2015 (a disease I had for 50+ years but never diagnosed until 2014) when Jesus sovereignly healed me as He took me through four visions. [That story will be posted soon.]
I have discovered through my life that He is indeed a faithful, loving God, regardless of our present circumstances! 

Don’t wait for healing or breakthrough before you experience the incredible love He is. We live in mystery, but constantly in His presence. And He is hope, love, and joy!

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Phone: 720.364.6287

Email: narelle@narellecrabtree.com

Highlands Ranch (Denver), Colorado, 80130

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