“Grace is an outrageously relational term.”
– Dr. Ed Khouri
“How is the indwelling Spirit not relational?” – David Crabtree

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Grace is still Brilliant News!

The Grace we’re talking about is the same kind of Grace that was/is in Jesus Himself. The Grace that is in Jesus was not the “unmerited favor” kind of grace, but Grace that meant the “empowering presence of God.” That kind of Grace need not be feared as inadequate or unable to deal with sin. Jesus’ Grace not only saved us (all who believed) but also gave us the power to be righteous, and power to do the works of Jesus. Brilliant news indeed!

A Grace Gospel

The Apostle Paul is adamant that he had taught the genuine and full gospel to his hearers. In fact, Paul’s Gospel (The Gospel of Christ) was the only complete and true Gospel. Any addition to this gospel made it a false gospel and cursed. Strong words indeed!


Grace – So Much More Than Unmerited Favor

New Covenant Grace is the Empowering Presence of God Ask Christian believers what the definition of grace is, most will reply that it is the “unmerited favor” of God toward believers granting them forgiveness, mercy, and eternal life. Let’s ask the next few questions. Is that it? Does God’s “unmerited favor” save you by itself?…

Amazing! We are God’s Poetry

I had to put this baby photo in. There’s something so catchy about a baby’s laughter. It shortens the distance between the brain and the heart. The heart and the emotions kick in and endorphins flow. It’s a quick route to joy. I’ve been reading Ephesians for the past few days and have been warmed…

UnfailingGrace – the New Covenant Revolution

UnfailingGrace is all about the promotion of New Covenant Grace and the empowered life we live loved and accepted by God. Grace is so radical that it offends those who want to add their good deeds to the faith that brings righteousness. We are saved through faith in Jesus alone. Grace is the empowering presence of God that comes through the in-filling of the Holy Spirit. We can only be accepted by God through Grace alone, and He is able to not only declare us righteous (justification) but also make us righteous (sanctification), all through Faith.


Courage in Such a Time as This

There is no question that we all have been thrust into the vortex of a significant crisis. The COVID-19 pandemic is upon us, and every country is affected. It is not my job here to give you more information about it, or give another update. All has been said elsewhere, some of it good, and…