“How is the indwelling Spirit not relational?” – David Crabtree

Roots That Run Deep

Highlands Ranch in Spring snow 2020.

Roots That Run Deep in a Wintery, Unpredictable Season

(Written in the midst of the 2020-2021 Cocvid-19 pandemic)

We live in Colorado and the winters here are very different from Sydney, Australia where we lived until early 2018.

Whilst walking recently in the middle of a snowy day, looking at the apparent “deadness” of the trees and grass, I was drawn to its rugged beauty.
Yet, I was tempted to think…“these trees and plants are struggling to survive a harsh winter, just eking out their existence so that they are still somehow alive come spring.”
I was feeling pretty sorry for them!

Immediately I sensed the Holy Spirit talking to me: “right now, though looking somewhat bleak, they are resting, rejuvenating, flourishing in the winter season, so that they emerge in spring and summer to full fruitfulness.”

Perhaps, right now with the shutdown of normal life as we have all known it, somewhat isolated in the “social distancing” of this current pandemic could this actually be a God opportunity, a time for you that actually allows for rest and rejuvenation, although all around feels harsh and dreary?

Remember the sun (son) shines in winter and the seemingly adverse conditions can actually nourish. For plants this is a daily happening for regardless of conditions, a healthy, thriving plant grows down not just up…

So today…is a day to go deeper with Him

How do we do this, especially at a time for which we feel ill-prepared? God has so many creative ideas for you to explore, but here are a few that work for me:

  • Rather than waiting for Him to show up, be assured He lives in you. When you invited Him into your life, He said He would never leave. So, start engaging with Him now. Talk to Him, share your thoughts and heart with Him, your hopes, fears, joys, desires and more.
  • Be expectant of His response and be open to receiving this in ways different from what you’ve experienced before or could even anticipate.
  • A picture, a dream, a song, a Bible verse, a message from a friend can all trigger a fresh encounter with Him. He’s totally dependable but often unpredictable in the way He wants to connect and touch you. Remember, He’s very creative… let Him draw you into new expressions of Him.
  • Include Him in your everyday happenings. He is with you… remember He said He’d never leave, so when you’re doing that essential shopping (like trying to find TP), helping kids with schoolwork, gardening/housework, a big work project, He’s got thoughts and ideas He’d love to share with you. Pause, catch your breath. Breathe in His peace, which is the best atmosphere for creativity.
  • And, maybe a big one: He’s with you in that big conflict, that conversation that went all wrong. No shame, only resource, divine insight, a fresh and different perspective for you. You are His precious child, loved abundantly in the midst of strife. Don’t run away in embarrassment, instead, run into Him.

And look forward to the many more, “tailored made just for you” ways you’ll discover in His presence.

This is what maturity looks like… roots growing deep, God’s beauty is seen by others, as the beauty of spring flowers, trees growing strong, the lusciousness of fruit and vegetables that delight and nourish.

In the same way, you too will grow in fruit that’s full of peace, joy, and love… that sustains you in this unpredictable season and blesses others.

It’s who you are… Holy Spirit brings to the surface the deep things from your relationship with Him. And it never stops endless possibilities.

You and God, such a great team!
Imagine, this could be a season that sets you up for a win.

Narelle Crabtree

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  1. Love this, a time resting, regeneration, flourishing. Certainly made one stop, in the season we have been and are still in, here in Australia, to look at what is important, to go deeper into Him., to flourish, and now with spring here, this is a great reminder.

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