“How is the indwelling Spirit not relational?” – David Crabtree

Introducing UnfailingGrace Ministries

It Really is a Journey

Learning about Grace (God’s empowering presence) is a journey that begins with Jesus and His Holy Spirit. It is almost impossible to discover the powerful dimensions of Grace with being Spirit-filled. The Holy Spirit leads and empowers us in living a righteous life.

Learning to live a Grace-based life is certainly a journey because of the need to change our preconceptions and mindsets. Yes, it takes repentance!

Legalism undermines Grace, freedom in Jesus, and life in the Spirit. Ironically, legalism is introduced as a means of righteousness, but it actually paralyzes the ability to be righteous.

“Anything added to Grace cancels Grace” – Dr. Gordon Fee

“Any moral code that is based on the Ten Commandments is legalistic.” – Dr. Michael Eaton

I hope I have attracted your attention.

Grace to you! Enjoy the journey!