Do We Need another Grace Revolution?

"For the grace of God has appeared that offers salvation to all people. It teaches us to say 'No' to ungodliness and worldly passions, and to live self-controlled, upright and godly lives in this present age..."

If you are not vigilant in protecting Grace, you can easily have its value depreciated under the assaults of gainsayers and criticizers. The Apostle Paul speaks about God's gift of Grace being "super-abundant", or "hyper-super-abundant" (Romans 5:17, 20). Why then are those who promote Grace accused of teaching a "hyper-grace"? Grace is "hyper-wonderful" and also "hyper-abundant". So don't let the hyper-critics rob you of the power of Grace by demanding cautions, or so-called balance.

Grace is often tempestuously and strenuously contested. Why?

Grace is such a marvelous and wonderful gift of God, so much so that Satan is bent on damaging it to the point of destruction. Grace is the primary antidote to sin. No wonder that there is major spiritual warfare around it. Part of our problem is the "cessationist" view of Grace which believes that Grace is beneficial for our future life but not totally relevant or sufficient for our present life. Grace has to be the empowering presence of God that both justifies and sanctifies us.

This course will give you the understanding and the foundation to be confident and well-grounded in the Gospel of Grace. If you like what you see, you can go forward from here to do the Full Series "A Bold and Fearless Grace - Training Course"

Featured video - David speaking at Launch meeting at Bethel School of Ministry

Meet David Crabtree

David has been a pastor, missionary, health educator, church planter, conference speaker, and a church leaders consultant. An Australian, now living in Texas (USA), he is still actively involved in encouraging Christians to be bold and faith-filled.

The subject of New Covenant Grace has been a key focus of David's attention for more than 40 years. He is very well equipped to teach on Grace in a fun, Biblical, and empowering manner.

"Such a joyful revelation of GRACE! I keep listening and each time receive new layers and dimensions of insight that leave me laughing in joy! Your way of explaining and illustrating these realities leave little room for intelligent rejection of such extravagant grace." - Church Pastor & Regional Leader

What's so good about this course?

Another way to ask the question is to ask about what you will miss out on if you don't do it.
Paul asked his people to pray that he would be bold in preaching (presenting) the Gospel. His Gospel was the Gospel of Grace (Acts 20). We urge you to learn how to be very bold about power and super-abundance (Rom 5:17, 20) of God's Grace. Don't be intimidated by the so-called wisdom and cautions of the religious.

You will be fearless about confidence in Scripture

The New Testament radicalness aboutf the New Covenant replacing the Old is so so clear and strong.

You will build relational faith in Jesus

Thanks to our Reformation forebears. who were very light on the Holy Spirit, but very strong in the intellectual belief about faith, we have developed a very poor idea about relationship with God. Knowledge, and even good doctrine, without relationship neutraiizes the power of Grace.

You will learn that Grace is much more than a "warm fuzzy", it allows you a transformational encounter with God.

Jesus dd not have "unmerited favor". He was full of the supernatural, empowering presence of God. Perhaps we should redefine our usual definition of Grace.

You will develop a transformed mindset.

Instead of being vulnerable to having a "dull mind" and "veiled heart" (cf. 2 For 3), you will learn to "behold Jesus" (2 For 3) and be radically transformed.

This free introductory course has short sessions designed to stir your interest in exploring further.

You are invited to "check this out" and decide that you want to understand Grace is greater depth. Take the Journey!

Learn to be totally Fearless about Grace. This short course is Free.

Christian believers are often intimidated by the religious who are very wary of having confidence in God's giving of righteous. Too many are held to ransom by those who think one does not qualify without following rules.