“How is the indwelling Spirit not relational?” – David Crabtree

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Let’s explore Radical Grace

UnfailingGrace.com, or the content of this website came about because of a recognised need to better understand what New Testament, or New Covenant Grace is all about. It is a much disputed subject when it really should be celebrated in its clarity. Grace is really about a good and wonderful God who grants every believer in Jesus pardon and righteousness. Furthermore, this Grace is not anaemic and weak, it is more than just a free ticket to eternal life which than has to worked for to prove the believer worthy. Grace is free and fully empowered to impart righteousness and giftedness to do the works of Jesus. Ultimately, Grace is the very presence of God.

Toward a Fresh Definition of Grace – Part 1

The key point is that Jesus is our only hope. Getting help from the Old Covenant or Law means that we think Jesus Himself needs our help in making us righteous. An outrageous thought! Grace is God’s Empowering Presence. He is all we need.