“How is the indwelling Spirit not relational?” – David Crabtree

You’ve Just Got to be a Child

There’s something special about the innocence of a child. I came across this picture while looking for something else in Hobby Lobby. I stopped to look at it, several times, and something of the power of its simplicity grabbed me. I bought the picture. It said a great deal about Grace. I urge you to go to JourneysWithTheMessiah.org and have a look at Michael Belk’s photography. Its message is very special.

The Kingdom is a Gift to kid-like People

The Kingdom will be a gift to people who know that they are not worthy of such a gift.
– Michael Belk – Photographer (https://www.michaelbelk.com)

Jesus said it right when he picked up a child (Mark 10:13-15) and announced that only people who became like kids would inherit the Kingdom. It wasn’t that the children recognized that their innocence was in their favor. They didn’t know what innocence was and were totally ignorant about what “qualified” them for Jesus’ attention. All they knew was that Jesus attracted them and gave them a place, for nothing. Worthiness or unworthiness was not a factor in their thinking. They simply allowed themselves to come to Jesus.

We so over-complicate things, especially things related to relating to God. Often, we are crippled with the analysis of qualification. Are we worthy, or are we not? Our worthiness has nothing to do it. Our acceptance of Jesus allows us to receive the gift of Grace. For free! Nothing else added.

The God News is always that, Good News!


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